#WeldChance - the welders' job profile importance

#WeldChance - about the welders' importance

The WeldChance project aims at recognition and defining the welder profession for three welding processes: MMA, MAG/MIG and TIG, by developing proposal for occupational standards according to the EQF principles and international qualifications for defined professions.

The project kick-off meeting among partners and associated partners in this project was held on 28 – 29 November, 2016 in Pula, Croatia. The consortium disscused about the objective, the activities plan and the technical details related with the qualifications and occupational stanrdards that are approached in the project.

Results of the project will have a significant impact on improving the quality of welding, as well as popularize the welding profession, making sure that companies and government institutions become aware of the importance of welders, and to help young people in choosing welding as their future profession.

Welders of all profiles will have the option of lifelong education and training, and keeping up with all the latest developments (website and social networks).

The project will have a long-term impact on young people in search of employment, the training of trainees and professionals and will provide the necessary resources (such as network) to keep up with the latest developments in the profession so that welders could work and acquire new knowledge, skills and achieving stability in welding.

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