Refuskills - the link between refugees, skills and labour market

Refuskills - the link between refugees, skills and labour market

The world in the way that we know it is changing at every second. New challenges are arising from new crisis. The refugees crisis that is happening today in Europe is an unprecedented displacement crisis.

Today, 1.1 million of people - refugees, displaced persons and other migrants – have made their way to Europe either escaping conflict and serious threats in their country or in search of better economic prospects. In most of the cases they are without a documentation of their skills. Meanwhile the labour market faces a gap of mismatching skills between the request and the offer.

The Refuskills project aims to establish an easy-to-use mechanism that gives refugees/migrants an opportunity to document their skills and competences (in their own language) by using basic European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET)  and Learning Outcome principles. Therefore, this lead to an improvement of countries’ possibilities for a fast identification of migrants’ skills and competences, and thus for a facilitated integration and participation in work and capacity building programs.

Due to the international experience, the work developed by now in the vocational education area and the strong sectorial (manufacturing industry) engagement, EWF is an important partner in this project.

During the kick-off meeting of the project the consortium discussed about the project formalities, the project's steps, each partners responsibility, the cooperation between partners and the impact of the project. The first meeting that took place in Oslo, Norway, between 31st of October and 1st of November and it was organised by the project coordinator, NTI-MMM Multilateral Monitoring and Management.

Refuskills is an Erasmus+ project that involved 14 partners from 9 different countries, which started at 15th of September and it will end at 31st of December 2018.