Real world application for Electromagnetic Welding - JOIN'EM workshop

Real world application for Electromagnetic Welding - #JoinEMproject workshop

JOIN’EM project addresses the increasing requirements to weld dissimilar materials. This is a new #H2020 EU funded project, that aims to facilitate aluminium-copper joining by electromagnetic fields resulting in increased performance, efficiency and environmental benefits to Europe’s industry.

The partners of the H2020 Factories of the Future project JOIN’EM recently organised the second training worshop for engineering students. This time, the workshop was hosted by ICAM, in Lille, France.

The event, held on March 7th, 2017, had more than 40 participants. The aim of the workshop is to show to Engineering students what JOIN’EM is all about, and how interesting Electromagnetic Welding (EMW) is. The students had the opportunity to analyse several welded samples, in different materials and joint configurations, showing real world applications for EMW. The workshop presentations were made by the Belgian Welding Institute and Fraunhofer IWU.

JOIN’EM objectives are to develop innovative methods for joining dissimilar metals, which will allow improved manufacturing of new products; to facilitate an increased use of dissimilar metal combinations; to increase productivity and reduce costs for realising hybrid components (using electromagnetic pulse welding).

Images from the JOIN'EM Workshop.

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