MAKE-IT project at its midterm – successful consortium meeting sets next actions

MAKE-IT project at its midterm – successful consortium meeting sets next actions

Between 9th and 10th of March the 4th meeting of the Erasmus+ project, MAKE IT, took place in Porto Salvo, Portugal. The meeting was hosted by ISQ and gathered representatives from all the 13 partners’ organizations. 

This 4th meeting marked the mid-term of the project; therefore, the agenda focus went on the project management and analysis of the deliverables that should be accomplished until the progress report submission in May. An important contribution for the project quality assessment was given by the external project Assessor, Alexandra Costa Artur, who attended the meeting group.

EWF, as the coordinator of this project, was leading the meeting and along with the partners established the next project actions:  the development of a sustainability strategy, the progress of the dissemination plan for results exploitation, the implementation of pilots testing for the EWP LOS Standard and RPL tools at national level.

Another action that is meant to bring project awareness and to influence the impact of the results is the preparation of a Mid-Term Conference for project dissemination in each partner country: Hungary, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

The multiplier event will address national VET teachers and trainers, VET providers, educational experts, stakeholders, policymakers, decision-makers and speakers from the above-mentioned countries.

If you are interested to take part in one of these events, please contact us. You can send a message through the project website contact form or you can send an e-mail to, with the subject: Make-IT Conference + [country].