FineSol project on its 12 months meeting

FineSol project on its 12 months meeting

After being working together for a full year, it was again time for the FineSol H2020 project partners to meet, this time in Greece. 

On 9th and 10th of November the M12 meeting took place in one of the PCB manufacturing companies present in the consortium, PRISMA Electronics. All the partners assembled together to present and discuss the project results achieved so far, while preparing the next steps of the several Work Packages. A tour of PRISMA’s factory was organized as well, giving the opportunity to discuss the PCB manufacturing process and its challenges in detail.

FineSol project puts together the most recent advancements in technological fields such as mechanical and chemical engineering as well as of automated control systems and nano science, in order to successfully achieve miniaturization of PCBs via the delivery of functional, low cost, hyper-fine solder powders of type 8-9 (particle size less or equal to 10 µm).
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FineSol is a Factories of the Future project. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.680718.