EWF System is heading towards new training challenges in the industry

EWF System is heading towards new training challenges in the industry

With the industry's fast growth, we, as an industrial organization, must bring our contribution. As the pioneer organization in training, qualification and certification for welding industry, we must provide the necessary tools for the industry to improve and adapt the workforces' skills. This requires a continuously work on modernization of the EWF Training, Qualification and Certification System.

Thereupon, on 27 January, EWF hosted a meeting with a panel of international experts in Welding and EU Policies to discuss the latest vocational education and training (VET) developments and to reflect on future scenarios in relation to the European tools and their use in the sector. Another discussed topic on the agenda was the possibility of using the EWF Quality Assurance System as best practice example to benchmarking with other international qualifications.

At this meeting, the CEDEFOP Head of Department for VET Systems and Qualifications, Loukas Zahilas presented the latest EU developments and CEDEFOP work in the areas of European and National Qualifications Frameworks, Quality Assurance, ECVET and the shift to learning outcomes approach.

EWF, as the leading organization who respond to industry’s professional profile requirements, benefits from the workshop’ inputs and conclusions to ripen the methodologies for aligning the EWF Qualification and Training Systems according to the EQF.

This modernization is crucial for the recognition of the EWF Qualifications in the labour market and in the Educational systems, in particular in VET, as well as to improve the visibility of Manufacturing Professions at European and international level and to move towards with the nowadays technological challenges.