EWF Award - Best Welding Coordinator 2015

EWF Award -  Best Welding Coordinator 2015

The EWF Award for the Best Welding Coordinator distinguishes every year the outstanding contribution to the quality of welded production. The award is given to a European Welding Engineer that has exceled on the responsibilities of a welding coordinator in accordance with ISO 14731 and ISO 3834-2, EN 15085-2 or EN 1090-1.

This year’s award goes to Dr. Clint Wildash, currently a Senior Principal Welding Engineer at Onesubsea UK Ltd, Leeds, UK.

Clint's career in welding has spanned four decades starting with an apprenticeship in fabrication and welding, to his present position of leading a team of welding engineers and technicians supporting welding production, qualification, research and development and training in the field of welding engineering at Onesubsea UK Ltd.

"After my apprenticeship, where I learned to use all the conventional arc welding processes, and apply them to a range of metal fabrications, my interest in the field of welding and yearning to learn more about the theory led me to enter further education." - says dr. Clint Wildash in his statement.

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