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AdTech - European Transfer Workshop for VET trainers involved in Adhesive Technology

A group of 12 participants from five European countries (Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Slovenia) gathered together to share knowledge and best practice during the activity hosted by EWF, in Oeiras, Portugal.  During April 9th until April 13th, EWF hosted a European transfer workshop  ...

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FSW-TECH - Development of a Guideline for Friction Stir Welding Personnel

In the framework of the FSW-Tech Erasmus+ project, EWF is conducting a survey, targeting industrial companies, associations and public bodies that work in the Friction Stir Welding field.The project's main aim is to develop educational material and a guideline for implementation of the curricula at  ...

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#EUhealthyworkplaces - together for a healthy environment

A healthy environment is the responsibility of each one of us. But when we join forces the contribution grow. As a EU-OSHA campaign partners for several years, we join forces among our network to promote #EUhealthyworkplaces. Is our duty to contribute and join forces for a healthy environmentOn  ...

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HSE-Joining: Training tools for safe working environments

Health safety and the environment in joining is often a subject disregarded by most professionals in the sector, and sometimes, the hazards that the workers are exposing to are misunderstood or unknown. As a partner in campaigns organised by OSHA-EU (European Union information agency for  ...

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3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) Skills & Data Workshop

Join the AM Stakeholder Workshop in Aachen, March 20th 2018 and get in contact with the multiple actors that have joined forces to address Additive Manufacturing challenges at European Level (AMable, AM-Motion, ADMIRE and CLLAIM). Stakeholders from the manufacturing sector and from industrial  ...

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MICROBOND - a new innovative toolkit of training for bonding personnel

To produce a bond in specific quality conditions, the bonding personnel should be very well trained to operate specific machines. At this moment a low number of specialists in bonding processes could be met in EU and, in most of the cases, they are qualified when the necessity appears.Assuring a  ...

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FSW-tech - Harmonised qualifications in Friction Stir Welding

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) technologies have a worldwide diffusion in several industrial sectors (rail, shipbuilding, automotive, aeronautics). For high-value applications, where high-performance joint properties are required, FSW has been widely adopted in aluminium fabrication.Attending to the  ...

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IAB Members addressing the skills and workforce needs for manufacturing sector

IAB Members gather together in Paris to keep developing Personnel and Companies Qualifications and Certifications addressing industry needs. During the 3rd week of January, between 15th and 19th, the IAB/IIW Members participated in several technical and strategy meetings in Paris, at Institut de  ...

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CLLAIM or Additive Manufacturing professional profiles

Additive manufacturing (AM) technology is available since the 1980s. However, it has only demonstrated more impact in the past decade, as the varied array of new products and services showed new possibilities for a wide range of industries. Demand for additive manufacturing and related services  ...

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IAB/IIW Intermediate meetings: 15-19 January 2018

The IAB/IIW (International Authorization Board) meetings will take place in Paris between 15th and 19th of January 2018, in the frame of IIW (International Institute of Welding) intermediate meetings, hosted by Institut de Soudure. During this week there will be the participation of the whole  ...

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